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-When did you first start running and what was it that got you into running?

I started running in 7th grade on the cross country team. I wasn’t competitive, but enjoyed it from the git go. I also ran a few years of high school cross country, and again wasn’t competitive but really enjoyed it. I kept running through college and most of my adult life. Not many miles, 2-3 miles perhaps 2-3 times a week. I only started running longer 3 years ago, as preparation for long distance triathlon. I ran my first marathon only 2 years ago, and fell in love with running all over again.

-What is your occupation and how do you fit running into your schedule?

I’m a pilot for a major airline. Running fits in with my job fantastically! I have running routes in cities all over the country. Unlike most people who travel for work, when I get there my work is done! I’m often tired, but I’ve made it a habit to almost without exception run on my layovers. And when I’m home I have plenty of time to work out.

-Do you eat a certain way because you run?  What is your daily diet?

I eat fairly healthily, but could do better if I worked at it. A normal days eating would be a piece of peanut butter toast and a cup of coffee before I run. An Ensure, banana and a second cup of coffee when I finish. Leftovers for lunch. And we’ve been using the Hello Fresh meal delivery service, that’s been working awesome for dinner and leaving those leftovers for lunch the next day. I love sweets, I struggle to avoid the evening ice cream run but I often fail!

-What is your most memorable run?

Gosh that’s hard, so many great ones. My first marathon in Columbus was unforgettable, I cried like a baby at the finish as I was overwhelmed with emotion and a new, and surprisingly unexpected, deeper love with running. The marathon during the Alaskaman Triathlon this past summer was memorable for how good I felt, the amazing scenery, running the first 15 miles with a good friend, and for the finish on top of Mount Alyeska.

-What is it about running that keeps you motivated to keep going?

I wish I could fully explain it as I find my words inadequate, but those who love running will easily understand. No motivation is needed as I do it because I love it. It brings me great joy to run, to be outside and feel the sun and wind, or just as easily the rain and the cold. To see, to experience, to enjoy my surroundings. It makes me feel alive.

-What are you training for?

I’m currently training for the NYC Marathon, working toward qualifying (and getting accepted!) into Boston early next year in a spring marathon, and possibly run a 50 miler later in the year.