Coach Mike Menster

Mike began his pursuit of physical fitness in 1991 when he became an Army Ranger and served in the 75th Ranger Regiment.  He went on to become an Army Drill Sergeant in 1995 and discovered his passion for training others in physical fitness.  After leaving the Army in 1999, Mike became a Special Agent with the U.S. Secret Service where he has served for the last 20 years.  Mike continued his passion for training others in physical fitness when he became a Physical Fitness Instructor for the Secret Service in 2000.  He then went on to become an Instructor at the Secret Service Academy in 2007 where he trained recruits in a variety of skills including physical fitness.

Mike is a certified RRCA Level I coach as well as a USATF Level I coach.  He has competed in a variety of Triathlon Distances up to and including Ironman.  Mike’s true passion is running where he has competed in distances from 5K to 50 Miles.  Mikes major accomplishments in running are: 4 time master’s winner at the Ten For Texas 10 Mile Race; 7 time master’s winner in the 10 Miler at the Texas 10 Series; 3 time Boston Marathon competitor; 2:49 Personal Best Marathon time at the California International Marathon at the age of 48.  Mike continues his pursuit of running and coaching always seeking to improve in both.



  • Sub 2:50 Marathon PR, over the age of 45
  • Multiple time Boston Marathon finisher
  • 10+ time masters champion


  • Multiple time Ironman Finisher


  • Army Ranger