Coach Samantha McClellan

Samantha resides in The Woodlands, TX with her husband, John, two furry friends and newest addition, Charlotte.

Samantha began running at the age of 13 and from there has evolved into so much more. It was a sport which didn’t come easy like it does for many elite runners but through the years her hard work and dedication paid off. Samantha followed her passion into college at Western Michigan University where she was originally recruited for the 800/1500 meters but eventually found her niche in the 5,000/10,000 meter distance.

After college, Samantha knew her running days weren’t close to being over and found a local Houston running group in 2012. From there, she decided to move up in distance to the half marathon. That is when the dream of qualifying for the U.S. Olympic Trials became that much closer.  “Once I noticed that my half marathon time was so close to qualifying for the B standard of the Trials, I knew that qualifying is what I was determined to do.”

As she began training for the marathon, she realized just how important sticking to the plan was. From nutrition, hydration, sleep, hard miles, easy miles, long runs short runs, and listening to her body all played a vital role in getting from the start to the finish.

After realizing this, Samantha knew that all things running and training were something else she was passionate about and helping people reach their own goals on the roads and in the gym. Starting out as a private personal trainer,  Samantha then decided to join forces with Vantage Point Endurance where coaches of the same mindset and skills had the same goal, to provide clients with the absolute best service and a premier coaching experience to all skill levels.

“I feel that having been through what feels like everything, from injury set backs, to juggling family, friends and my own personal needs, I am able to give a unique perspective and understanding that not every day is going to be a perfect training day. Getting to a goal takes time, patience, flexibility and determination. Running, training and people are something that changes frequently so I make sure I am constantly learning. Not everyone benefits from training the same way so it’s important to me that I find what best helps each individual.”

Personal Bests

  • 1500 meters- 4:26

  • 5000 meters- 16:31

  • 10,000 meters: 34:39

  • Half Marathon: 1:15:31

  • Marathon: 2:42:19


  • 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials Qualifier

  • USATF Half marathon Championships Qualifier

  • 2nd US Female finisher and 34th Female in the 2015 Berlin marathon

  • Record holder in the 10,000 meters at Western Michigan University

  • Team Record holder in the 4×1600 at Western Michigan University

Continued Education

  • Certified ACE Fitness Personal Trainer