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Vantage Point Endurance prides itself in the various coaching options to choose from.  All options are fully customized to your goals, life schedule, experience level and much more.  There is only one main question when deciding which plan is best for you; how much interaction do you want with your coach?  All coaches are experienced and ready to help you with your training today!

Custom Race Plan

  • A customized training plan, tailored to your goals, schedule, strengths and weaknesses
  • One-time initial communication
  • Entire program delivered one time
  • One-time plan review at halfway mark for plans 16+ weeks*
  • Basic Training Peaks Account with daily e-mail workout reminders(no coach feedback)
  • Recovery plan for after your race

Premium Coaching

  • Premium Training Peaks account
  • Fully-customized training plan provided in 2-4 week blocks
  • Detailed review of past training, injury history, race results, and development of future goals
  • Feedback on key workouts with expert advice on cross training and injury prevention
  • Monthly email check-in for changes to the program as needed and accountability
  • Weekly email communication
  • Two phone calls per month when scheduled
  • Annual Training Plan modifications up to three times a year
  • Race day strategy/nutrition for two races, athlete chooses races
  • Access to instructional videos pertaining strength and conditioning exercises as well as running drills (coming soon)
  • Swag-bag included with VPE Partner discounts

Advantage Coaching

  • Includes everything offered in the Premium Plan in addition to:
  • Fully-customized training plan provided in 1-2 week blocks
  • Unlimited weekly modifications on workouts*
  • Unlimited communication via email, text or phone/skype when scheduled
  • Unlimited Annual Training Plan modifications*
  • Race day strategy/nutrition for ALL races
  • One free assessment in each sport per year as requested by athlete
  • One free 1-on-1 coached session*


Custom Race Plan: $20/week for running, $25/week for triathlon.

Premium Coaching: $165/month for running, $195/month for triathlon.

Advantage Coaching: $250/month for running, $280/month for triathlon, $300/month for triathlon with Jocelyn.

Set up cost of $150 including initial consultation to review questionnaire.

Custom Race Plan- Half-way Plan review needs to be schedule at least 1 week out by the athlete.

Custom Race Plan- Minimum 8 week race plan.

Premium/Advantage Plan- Annual Training Plan changes have to be completed at least 1 month before changed race.

Premium/Advantage Plan- All communication is initiated by the athlete.

Advantage Plan- Unlimited weekly modifications to workouts with a 2 day notice.

6 month coaching commitment for all Premium and Advantage athletes.

Monthly billing to credit card or ACH withdrawal on the day of your choosing every month.

Coach Jocelyn will only be accepting Advantage Clients for $300.  Jocelyn is adding on unlimited video analysis for all sports to the advantage package.

Full year paid up front- 1 month free, pay 11 months

Professional Athlete- Free Services, % of prize money split between coach and business*

Elite Age Grouper- Premium Plan at Select Level Pricing*


If you are a club or just have a large group that trains together, Vantage Point Endurance can provide a training plan for all your members to use.  This will help so your club or group of friends can train together for the same race.  Contact us today to talk details and get a price.

Vantage Point Endurance has paired with several race management companies to provide race plans at the time of race registration.  If you are a race director or race management company looking to offer VPE plans for your races, contact us today.

  • Conducted in an endless pool where we can get quality video of your swim stroke from all angles
  • 2-3 corrective drills will be given after the initial video and then a second recording will be done to show the differences
  • Immediate review of the video after the session so you can see what needs to be fixed
  • You will leave with the drills that are most likely to correct your stroke flaws
  • Video uploaded for you to continue to review

If you are interested in scheduling a swim analysis contact us today.

  • Video of outdoor run on a track showing posture, arm position, foot strike and knee-to-ankle alignment at impact
  • Suggested drills and strength training
  • Run through of drills so you leave knowing how to do them
  • Video uploaded for you to continue to review

If you are interested in scheduling a run analysis contact us today.

Your personal pacer will be by your side the whole race.  Their job is simple: get you across the finish line on time!  From BQ to PR to first timers we have a pacer for you.  You can pair this service with any coaching package or by itself.

Race doesn’t allow for pacers?  Then what about a race day crew to help you get through the logistics of race day.  We can provide guidance in a stressful environment.  Do you need additional crew members for your Ultra or OCR event?

Whatever you need we are here to help you on race day. Contact us today to discuss your race plans and to learn about pricing!