Vantage Point Endurance provides its athletes with a wide range of resources in addition to coaching to achieve success.  All VPE athletes will have access to our private resource section.  Our VPE coaches are constantly updating and adding more and more resources for our athletes use.



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Only available to Premium and Advantage Clients

  • In-Depth Workout Descriptions

  • Cross Training Advice

  • Pace Calculator

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  • Recovery Methods

  • Race Prep/Checklist

  • Adjusting Pace in Heat



Vantage Point Endurance offers personal coaching and training plans for individual athletes. We will offer clinics and hold training sessions for educational purposes, but do not consider ourselves a triathlon group. We coach and support various racing teams and groups within and around our athletic community.

We offer a couple options for Coaching; One-on-One Personal Coaching, and Custom Training Plans, click here to learn more. Once you are assigned a coach you will be sent a Training Peaks invite so you can be linked to your new Coach, and they will have access to write plans to your Training Peaks account. The coach will continue writing workouts based on your goals and racing calendar. You will communicate directly with your coach through feedback provided in Training Peaks as well as via e-mails, phone calls, etc.

You may already have a coach in mind that you want to work with or would like our input on identifying the right coach for you. Click here to learn more about our coaches. It’s okay if you cannot decide as we can help facilitate matching you with a coach during our initial consultation.

Absolutely! We encourage you to discuss your goals with your coach during the initial consultation as well as continuing to discuss goals once coaching has started. You’ll find as your fitness improves you’ll begin to see more potential. Don’t be afraid to dream big! We’re here to help you.

Absolutely! Regardless of experience or current fitness we can help you and enjoy working with athletes of all abilities.

We are able to maintain close communication with out-of-state athletes via e-mail, text, and scheduled phone calls. Training Peaks software allows our athletes to view their workouts and have access to their training plan.

Once you determine which Coaching Option is the best fit for you the next step is to complete our Online Athlete Questionnaire Form. This gives us lots of useful information on your athletic history/experience, injury history, current fitness, racing plans and goals. We then follow up with you to schedule an initial consultation where we discuss your goals in more depth and begin to collect necessary information which allows us to begin building your custom training plan. We will walk-through how the coaching works, answer any questions you have, and explain the coaching process so you can be the most successful in reaching your goals. If you have any questions, just shoot us an email.

Yes. During the initial consultation, we will discuss your current schedule which allows us to work around it. We’ll find out what days are best/worst for training, time constraints throughout the week, and dates you know you will be traveling or otherwise will have trouble training. Once your one-on-one coaching begins you can discuss needed changes or adjustments with your Coach.

Yes. There is a six-month commitment for all Premium and Advantage athletes. You pay the first and last month for coaching, and then will continue with monthly billing to your credit card or ACH withdrawal on the day of your choosing every month.

Yes. Please send an e-mail to if you have a minimum of five participants. We will need to know is part of the group and which race you are training for.

*We currently offer 10% off one-on-one coaching for Triathlon clubs.

Yes. We will discount 15% of the second athlete’s one-on-one coaching. Both athletes must remain active to continue receiving the discount.

Yes. All you need to do is contact us via e-mail with what race you would like a training plan for, start time for the training plan, the name and e-mail of the person who will receive the gift, and instructions for when you want the gift delivered. We will send you an invoice for the number of weeks leading up to the race.

We will send a welcome letter and schedule a call with one of our coaches to begin to collect necessary information which allows us to begin building their custom training plan. We will walk-through with them how the custom training plan works, and answer any questions. Shortly after the initial meeting the entire training plan will be delivered.

*The recipient of the gift will need to complete the Athlete Questionnaire and sign our Waiver before we can begin.

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