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Start Your IM Tulsa Journey Off Right,  Join Us For Our 2020 IM Tulsa Training Camp

April 15 – 18, 2021

The IM Tulsa Training Camp put on by Vantage Point Endurance is being held in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The camp is packed with training sessions and clinics designed for triathletes of all levels, who are looking to develop the necessary skills and knowledge to elevate their potential come IM Tulsa race day.

We provide our camp attendees with a balance of informative, intimate, relaxing, and challenging experiences.  The 4-day  Tri camp is led by experienced and knowledgeable coaches. More details coming.

Camp is open NOW, please pay here: Click Here


At the camp, athletes will be able to swim, ride, and run the actual IM Tulsa course. There will be daily training sessions that are held in the throughout the day. These sessions will not only include on-course training, but also be followed up with discussions about related topics to triathlon as well as other clinics and activities.

Keystone Lake’s blue-green water and the natural beauty of its setting — wooded shoreline, sandy beaches, high bluffs, grasslands, and low rolling hills — make it a visual treat the year round. The lake meanders into small valleys, creating many arms and land fingers. A network of county, state, Federal highways invites sightseers into many points overlooking the lake.

The lake is on the Arkansas River 15 miles west of downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. This 26,000 acre flood control lake is truly an urban playground. There are 16 recreation areas (3 with alcohol free beaches); 11 boat ramps, miles of sandy beaches, 3 marinas, 2 off-road vehicle areas, 5 short distance trails, a waterfowl refuge, 3 seasonal green tree reservoirs, and thousands of acres of land open to public hunting.

Vantage Point Endurance has put together several bike rides throughout the camp to work on several key factors in a triathletes training.  The riding will be done on the Ironman Tulsa bike course.

Vantage Point Endurance has put together several runs throughout the camp to work on several key factors in a triathletes training.  The riding will be done on the Ironman Tulsa run course and surrounding Tulsa area.

Various seminars will be held each day for the athletes to enjoy some down time but also get to engage with the coaches and learn about the various aspects of the sports.


Thursday 04/15

1330-1400 Athletes arrive, waiver sign, quick intro

1400-1600 Ride Osage Loop (last 15 miles of course)

1800 Camp Dinner- swag hand out, course recon discussion from Jessica

Friday 04/16

0800 Swim at Keystone Lake

0915 Transition Clinic at Lake, focused on T1

1400 Run

Saturday 04/17

0700 IM Tulsa Bike Course Ride

Optional Brick Run for athletes

Camp Dinner with triathlete strength exercises discussion

Sunday 04/18

0700 Run course, 13-22-mile run (1 loop or 1.5 loop)

1300 Swim at Keystone Lake


Can I just come for a single session if I’m not part of the camp?2017-12-31T20:26:09+00:00

At this time, we are not offering individual single sessions. Once we get closer and know our headcount along with coach to athlete ratio we will let you know what options and sessions are available. Please email if interested.

Will there be coaches on the bike rides and runs? Will I get left behind?2017-12-31T20:25:42+00:00

We have planned for different groups based on abilities on the bike and run. We will plan to have 1 coach for every 3-4 athletes on the bike rides. Based on the type of running workout as well as location of our runs we will arrange more coaches to be present as needed.

Will you assemble my bike before camp starts?2020-01-22T23:14:20+00:00

Please make sure your bike is in good working order and serviced before arriving. If you need any service please let us know in advance and we can get you in touch with the local mechanic.

What happens if there is bad weather?2017-12-31T20:24:30+00:00

Your safety is our utmost concern. In the event of inclement weather we have a contingency plan in place to allow training sessions to take place.

Do I need to bring my own nutrition?2020-01-22T23:15:41+00:00

If you use certain nutrition please bring it. However, we will provide a variety of nutrition products including; Tailwind, Huma Gels, Maurten, and other.

What meals are included during the camp?2020-02-05T19:01:02+00:00

Check the schedule. 2 dinners and 2 breakfasts.

Is there a minimum age requirement?2017-12-31T20:20:38+00:00

Yes, 21 years of age.

The Camp is full. Is there a waitlist?2017-12-31T20:19:38+00:00

Please email us at info@vantagepointendurance.com if you are interested in being added to our waitlist.

When do I pay for Training Camp? What is the Cancellation/Refund Policy?2020-02-05T19:31:32+00:00

Payment is made at time of booking.

No refunds at this time.

How can I reserve my spot?2020-01-22T23:19:14+00:00

Details coming

What are the dates for each camp?2021-01-03T15:25:01+00:00

Check-in April 15th- 18th, 2021

Who is best served by participating in this camp?2020-01-22T23:20:15+00:00

Opened to triathletes from beginner to elite who are looking to increase their knowledge and improve performances. All levels are welcome! This camp is designed for those athletes competing in Ironman Tulsa this year or in the future.

What is covered?2020-01-22T23:20:29+00:00

Details coming

What do I bring with me?2020-01-22T23:21:13+00:00

What do I bring with me?

More information on this will be shared with registered campers as we get closer to the camp.

Triathletes will need to bring enough workout clothes for all sessions as well as all equipment (helmet, running shoes, cycling shoes, bike, swim gear.

You will have an opportunity to pick up supplies (tubes, bottles, nutrition, apparel, etc.) at local bike shops before the first bike session.

Sample Lists:


  • Swim Suit and Towel, swim toys if possible(fins, buoy, kick board, paddles)
  • Bike, bike shoes, helmet, bike clothes, spare tubes and tire
  • Running shoes and clothes
  • Water Bottles/Running Handhelds
  • Workout Nutrition

Any other questions please send an e-mail to Info@vantagepointendurance.com

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