The Vantage Point Endurance IM Tulsa Training Camp will be held from April 15-18, 2021 in Tulsa Oklahoma. The primary purpose of this camp is a training camp on the last big week for the builds up to IM Tulsa.  This camp will give the athletes the opportunity to swim, ride and run on the IM Tulsa Camp in a safe environment. Our coaches live in Tulsa and use this course weekly for their training sessions.

Full details of the camp are located here: Camp Details Click Here

We fully expect this camp to sell out based on the initial inquires we received.  If for some reason we do not sell out within 2 weeks of camp we will open spots for a 2 day camp.  Again we do not expect to do this, if you have any interest of doing only the weekend go ahead and register for the full camp.

Camp price is $399 for the full 4 day camp. Special pricing until Feb 14 for $349.

VPE will be providing workout nutrition. Please bring your own if you have something special.

All athletes will receive a swag bag with various sponsor gifts and Tulsa shirt + hat. Valued at over $75

Shirt sizing is unisex.

All athletes will receive massive sponsor discounts from a range of products including; wheels, nutrition, bike trainers.

Local & state COVID policies will be followed.


*Times might be adjusted slightly based off weather and group sizes, please plan your travel according where you are giving yourself plenty of time.

Thursday- April 15

1330-1400 Athletes arrive, waiver sign, quick intro

1400-1600 Ride Osage Loop (last 15 miles of course)

1800 Camp Dinner- swag hand out, course recon discussion from Jessica (Dinner included)

Friday- April 16

0800 Swim at Keystone Lake

0915 Transition Clinic at Lake, focused on T1, Breakfast provided

1200 Optional Wind Tunnel Testing ($150 additional)

1400 Run

Saturday- April 17

0700 IM Tulsa Bike Course Ride

Optional Brick Run for athletes

Camp Dinner with triathlete strength exercises discussion (Dinner provided)

Sunday- April 18

0700 Run course, 13-22-mile run (1 loop or 1.5 loop)

Breakfast provided after run

1300 Swim at Keystone Lake

Optional Wind Tunnel Testing ($150 additional)

We need to gather the following information so that every athletes can have a successful camp:

Expected IM Bike Time- this is to gauge your long ride speed, plus go off a realistic finish time. This will be used to make sure we have adequate swag and volunteers on the bike course for you.

Easy Run Pace- this is your casual long run pace, “your all day pace.”


email for more information. We plan to send out an email but you can take advantage of these now if you are signed up.

$150 discount on start up fees for new coaching athletes when 6 month of coaching paid upfront, new athlete must start before March 8, 2021.

$100 discount on startup fees for new coaching athletes, new athletes must start before June 14, 2021.

20% off Klean Athlete Products, use coupon code WKLN-6279

15% off Huma Gels

15% off Speed and Comfort items

10% off Wahoo Trainers and 10% off Wahoo Fitness accessories

15% off Squirrels Nut Butter

15% off Maurten Products

15% off Tailwind Nutrition

More to come as we line up more sponsors

VPE can not control the weather, we will do everything we can to move workouts around based on the weather and get in the full training schedule. No refunds will be given.